How to Add Snippets in Wordpress

For Genius Lander, STMV2, Conversion Gorilla, Chit Chat Chimp (Chat Bot)

Using a page builder?  Check HERE

Using WP Plugin "Header Footer Code Manager"

To add your conversion or code snippet we recommend you install a free plugin called "Header Footer Code Manager" available from

Install and activate the plugin and follow the instructions to add a new code snippet. 

Note: for Genius Lander: choose "Specific Page (Post)" for Site Display and "Before Content" for Location

This is a more secure way to add the snippet without having to edit your theme's functions file and it will never be lost with theme updates.

Another benefit is that when you add the snippet, the plugin creates a shortcode too which can then be placed directly onto a page or post WITHOUT having to switch to the text editor.

Using a Page Builder?

If you are using a page builder that allows adding code, it may be advisable to add the code through the page builder as well as/instead of the plugin. 

Without Using the Plugin - NOT Recommended!

In order to insert the snippet on a WordPress page or post you need to edit the page/post in TEXT mode

Here is a short tutorial showing how to do this:

Note: Make sure you do NOT insert the snippet into any of the existing WP system files such as footer.php or header.php etc as that would put it on EVERY page in your blog - It just needs to go on the one page/post you want it on.

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