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All you need to do is copy the Webpage Embed code and paste it where you want the video to appear on your page.  Don't forget to check the box first if you want to use your player on a secure server.


Yes, we provide a free plugin which you download from inside any of your Monkey Web Apps.  Then you place the shortcode where you want the video to be shown on your page:

==>Commission Gorilla: 

Yes, to use a MonkeyPlayr player, insert a MonkeyPlayr block where you want the video to be placed and insert the given code:


Sure does!  Use the "Webpage embed" code as for HTML pages

==>Membership Sites

Yes, you do need to do a little testing to find which of the given codes works best with your site:

==>Site Builders:

Monkey Player players can be placed on the following sites builders - choose one of the iFrame Codes as for Membership sites:

  • SiteSuite
  • Thrive Content Builder

At the moment, we have been unable to integrate with: