Quick Start Guide to Genius Lander

In this article:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Page Settings
  3. Attention Tab
  4. Segmentation Tab
  5. Proposition Tab
  6. Action Tab
  7. Post Submission Tab
  8. Deploying Your Page

Getting Started

This article will take you through setting up a Genius Lander page by clicking on the CREATE tab.  For the other tabs, please check out the Related Articles below

  • My Pages - your dashboard once you start creating pages
  • SLOM - Subject-Line-o-Matic - automatically generate attention grabbing headlines around a chosen keyword
  • Account - all about your account
  • Integrations - connecting to your autoresponder
  • Resources - Other apps you might find useful in your online journey
  • Affiliate - join our affiliate program

For now, just click on CREATE NEW

Your Page Create window is made up of 2 halves - the Control Panel where you make changes,
and the live preview which shows you the changes in action.

To move through the tabs you can either click "Previous" & "Next", or click on the tab itself.  Be sure to "SAVE" regularly so as to not lose your work should anything untoward happen. 
If  you click EXIT - you  work will not be saved. When you click SAVE, you will see a popup with the deployment options for your Genius Lander Page.  Please see below for the options.

Page Settings

1.  Page Name: Give your page a name - this is for your own reference so you can identify the page in your dashboard. 

2. Page Color Mode and Page Color: You have two options for your page's color, solid or gradient. For the gradient, you can choose two colors. 

3. AR Type: In the drop down list, choose the autoresponder you want to use for your page. If you haven't integrated the autoresponder, you will be asked to go to the "Integration" tab to connect the autoresponder. 

4. Privacy Text: This is the text that goes under the opt-in fields informing your customers of your privacy promise or directing them to your privacy policy web page

Attention Tab

1. Graphic Type: You have an option to use the built in graphics or upload your own graphic. The maximum file size is 500k. 

2. Animation Style: You can choose from several options, try them out to find your favorite


This initial question or opening statement must be specific. It should directly address your preferred prospects and the more targeted the better. Your prospect should agree with or say 'yes' to this.
Examples: 'Thinking about changing phones?' - 'Need a better converting landing page?' - 'Want to lose 5 lbs before the summer?'


This is your offer to the prospect. The value/benefit you will provide in exchange for their opt-in. Lead with and focus on the primary benefit 

Examples: 'Get your FREE Smartphone Buyer's guide now' - 'You Should Check Out The Brand New Genius Lander software' - 'Shape up fast with these 5 easy slimming hacks'


Call To Action: Use FIRST PERSON language here using words like "I" OR "me" to refer to the prospect (it's more powerful).
Examples: 'Send Me The Free Marketing Guide' - 'I Want To Discover The Secret Of Perfect Skin' - 'YES, Give me the cheatsheet now'

Post Submission

Here you specify what your new subscriber will see once he/she subscribes

You have 2 options

  1. Redirect to a URL of your choice
  2. Create a thank you / welcome message right here using the WYSIWYG editor.  This will be shown as a new window when the subscriber fills out the form

Deploy Your Page

When you SAVE your page or access the codes from the dashboard the Deployment window pops up

You have 3 options for deployment:

1. Quick Share

Use the URL of you page on our server to drive traffic to your Genius Lander page.  You can also share directly on social media

2. Embed On Your Webpage

Decide whether the page is to be shown "Full screen" or part of the existing page.

Then copy the snippet and paste it on the page on your server

3. Download the code

Give your page the name of your choice then download the code and upload it to your server. 

NOTE: the downloaded "page" will NOT display offline because it "calls home" so must be online to work.

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