Quick Start Guide to Commission Gorilla using Best Practices Template

Step 1: Clone the Best Practices Template:


Step 2: Name the Page and Add Your Affiliate Link:


Step 3: Name Your Thank you/Download  page:


Step 4: Editing Your Page:




There are 3 Ways to Insert Images:

  A: Use a TEXT block and click on the image icon to insert the image

Drag and Drop a Text block where you want the image
You need the full URL for  the image
Image width max is 800 px, max size: 5 MB


Note: You can host your images anywhere on your own webspace as long as you put in the full URL.

B:  Use An IMAGE block to insert image

Drag and Drop an Image Block where you want the image

Again, you need the full URL of the image

Image size: 250x300

C:  Use a BONUS block

Drag and Drop a Bonus Block where you want the image. 
Then pick the bonus with the image you want to insert to the block
If you don’t have one yet then you need to add one in the NEW BONUS section.
( Make sure to Save this page before doing that! )

To Create a Bonus Block to hold an Image only

Click on NEW BONUS and select option 2 ( image/graphic option )

Simply upload your image
Image width max is 800 px, max size: 5 MB

Delete all text in the "Delivery Page Text Box" then hit save


Now click on My Pages and click on the edit icon to go back to the page you were creating.
Click on the bonus block again to select and insert the bonus you just created to the page

Adding CTA ( call to action buttons )

Drag CTA block
Click on Setting to name it such as Get This Product Now!
Change color, font…
Don’t add any link here
( you already added it in step 2 earlier )


Hit Save and Exit and copy the two 2 URLs you are given.
The first one is your main page- this is the page where you want people to buy something
The second URL is the thank you page or download page.

This page to be given to people AFTER they bought the product


Step 5: Editing Thank you page

Thank you page or Download page or Delivery page- same meaning
This page is made up from the "Delivery Text Box" of each Bonus Block
You created one earlier in Step 4/c
To edit it go to Bonus Library and click on the edit icon
Now add in the download URL for this bonus or any instruction that is needed

Refresh your Thank you page you will now see the info you just added.

To add more bonuses, do step 4/c again.

Step 6:  Adding Header and Footer to your thank you page

If you want to dress up your thank you page, you can insert invisible bonus block to your page
Click on New Bonus, select Invisible bonus

Add your header image, welcome message… name it as something like thankyou-header
Save and create another one insert your signature, footer info… name it : thank you-footer
Go back to your page and add new bonus block then insert these two blocks accordingly
( these invisible blocks will not show up on your main page, only on the thank you page )

Save and you are all done!  Congratulations!

Update:  If you use JVzoo, you can automate your bonus delivery :

Please  see this screencast

For other networks like Clickbank... you might want to use an autoresponder email -on your bonus promo page give them a clear instruction to send you a receipt after they purchased, after they opted in set the autoresponder to send them the download link.

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