Subscription Payments for Your App

When you sign up for a subscription payment for one of our products, this is going to be handled by the payment processor 

We  JVZoo  which in turn uses Paypal, amongst other options

If you cancel your subscription, we are notified of the cancellation and your account is closed right away.  If you want to close your account at the end of your subscription period, please cancel your subscription a couple days before it becomes due.

If your payment fails, the payment processor will retry.  To find out about more about the procedure, please contact the payment processor.  If the payment processor is unable to collect the payment, Promote Labs is notified and the account is closed.  

Please note 

  1. a notification of failed payment, if any, will have been sent by the payment processor not Promote Labs. 
  2. the payment processors do not usually send a "reminder" that a payment is coming due.
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