How many Built In Pages are available in CG?

At the moment there are in fact 4 built in templates available -

  1. Best Practices - this template contains "dummy" text, graphics, bonus blocks, etc for you to adapt for your own promotions
  2. Promote Commission Gorilla - this template is a complete, ready to go bonus page. all you need to do is
    1. rename it, 
    2. insert YOUR affiliate id and
    3. name your download page. 

      Should you wish, you can of course change the text, graphics, bonus blocks, etc  to adapt it for any product you wish to promote
  3. Promote Landing Page Monkey - this template comes with 11 ready to go bonuses that will really engage your customer to get one of the best monkey tools for their business. Similar to other templates, you can easily just change the sections that needs to be changed such as your affiliate link, etc.
  4. Webinar Replay Template - you can use this template should you have any webinars to promote! 
The benefit of Template 4 is that you can see exactly the type of page you can quickly and easily generate.

We will be adding more templates over time
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