Using Pages after Refunding

The moment we action your refund request, you will no longer be able to access the product you have requested a refund for. Any items you have built and placed will stop working. Even ones you have downloaded and are hosting yourself.

Applies to:

  • Monkey Web Apps:
    • Attention Monkey
    • CatchaMonkey
    • CountDown Monkey
    • MonkeyPlayr - MonkeyPlayr itself, Mailgate
    • Popup Monkey
    • SocialShare Monkey
  • Commission Gorilla 
    Note: If you cancel your subscription to the annual "2-a-month-" DFY bonuses you will continue to have access to any you have received up to the date of your cancellation, but you will not receive any more.
  • LandingPage Monkey
  • SplitTest Monkey
  • Chit Chat Chimp
  • Conversion Gorilla