Using Pages after Refunding/Cancelling a Subscription

The moment we action your refund request or your subscription is canceled or not renewed, you will no longer be able to access the product you have requested a refund for/defaulted on the subscription. Any items you have built and placed will stop working. Even ones you have downloaded and are hosting yourself.

Applies to:

  • PageDyno
  • Feedback Fox
  • Genius Lander
  • Conversion Gorilla
  • Commission Gorilla 

    Note: Continued access, use of and hosting for the monthly delivered bonuses within Commission Gorilla is contingent on you maintaining a monthly subscription.  If you cancel/refund your ongoing subscription we can no longer retain these bonuses or serve them to your customers directly.  This includes ALL bonuses supplied and paid for from previous months of service but excluding any bundle or catalogue of initial bonuses which are retained.  Should you wish to retain the rights to distribute these subsequent monthly bonuses provided during your active subscription period we recommend you download all components including downloadable files and set each up manually within your active Commission Gorilla account prior to cancellation.  If you cancel your subscription and have not done this then unfortunately we have no way to put them back into your account
  • Chit Chat Chimp

Please Note: Once your account is closed, the items in your dashboard and any upgrades applied to the account are "gone".  If you take out another subscription, you will need to do so with a new email address and new upgrades for your shiny, new account! 

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