Troubleshooting Commission Gorilla Login Issues

If you are having issues logging in to your Commission Gorilla account please check out the following possible issues:

Recent Purchase

Did you get your Purchase Receipt from JVZoo?

Have you checked your SPAM folder for this?  If so and the email is not there, you may have mistyped your email address when you completed the checkout page.  Contact JVZoo HERE to ask them to locate your account by name and check/change the email address associated with the account. 

Have YOU created your account?

When you first purchase Commission Gorilla YOU register and create your account.  If you have NOT done so, please follow the instructions HERE

Don't see the option to Create an Account?

Have you purchased a Commission Gorilla basic account?  Purchasing ONLY the PRO UPGRADE will not work since it is exactly that - an UPGRADE.  You need to purchase the basic account with the annual subscription to apply the upgrade to.  You can do that HERE.  Then apply the upgrade ... you'll find the instructions HERE

Existing Account

Is Your Subscription Up-to-Date?

Commission Gorilla basic account is an annual subscription.  If you have cancelled the subscription or the payment has failed for any reason, your account will have been closed/frozen. The good news is that you can unfreeze your account!  Please CLICK HERE and purchase another year.  When you have done that, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!  Just send  the payment receipt to the Customer Happiness Team (help[at] and we'll update the database to reflect the new purchase and unfreeze your account.

More good news is that if you have already purchased and applied any upgrades to the original account, these do not need to be repurchased - they were one-time payments and will still be active when we unfreeze the account.

Once you're back and logged in, a great place to start is Commission Gorilla Step By Step Tutorials

Is Your Account Not Showing PRO?

Your account will only be PRO if you have purchased and applied the PRO UPGRADE.  For instructions on how to apply the upgrade CLICK HERE .  

Have you logged out and back in again - NOT just closed your browser, as that doesn't log you out!

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