I forgot my username/password. How can I retrieve it?

Monkey Web Tools

Please follow these steps to reset your password or to be reminded what your username/password is

  1. Go to your log-on page (see the list below if you have misplaced the URL to the log-on page)
  2. Click the forgot password button
  3. On the next page enter your EMAIL (not username)
  4. We email you a link which you need to click on 
  5. Click the link and you go to a screen to enter a new password (twice)
  6. We then send you an email confirming it has been changed and it confirming your username and password in it.

We realize that you may not actually have forgotten your password , but doing it this way ensures that it is only you that can change your password because the link is sent to your registered email!

Log-on URLs

Commission Gorilla
LandingPage Monkey
Attention Monkey
Popup Monkey
Countdown Monkey
Catcha Monkey
Monkey Web Apps
Social Share Monkey