PageDyno Split Testing

PageDyno enables you to split test two (and up to six) individual PageDyno Campaigns -  measured against each other to determine the best converting.

This works great for testing any type of element...  Big or small changes, including your headlines and call to actions, background colors, videos or images all the way through to the effectiveness of your lead magnets.

When you create a test we provide you with a special rotator link to direct traffic to.  Note: for consistency each visitor will be shown the same page each time they click, but different visitors may well see different pages! You'll know at a glance how your tests are performing with simple to understand statistics... Every test you run includes built in reporting that shows your traffic, your conversions and percentages along with helpful campaign data so you can easily monitor your results wherever you are with an internet connection.

Manual Test Mode

If you have an eye for detail and a desire to get stuck into the numbers directly, then choose the  Manual Test mode. We call this 'Old School' testing and it puts you in full control and the decision when to call the test will be yours alone...

Auto Optimizer

Just pick your test 'rules' such as how long the test runs and the minimum number of total conversions required before a winner can be called. Set a confidence level (normally 95%) and that's it. The Auto Optimizer will then run the test on full autopilot and will automatically select the winning page for you and from that point only show the winning page to all future visitors.

To set up a Split Test, click on SPLIT TESTS in the left menu

Video coming soon

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