What are the Differences between OP and CG?

Optimize Press

  • is a page builder (sales pages, opt-in pages, membership pages) and that's about it.
  • requires WordPress and all it's added complexity and size 
  • is big and unwieldy  - but if you have been using it for a long time then I can understand you are comfortable with it.

Commission Gorilla 

  • is much easier to use,
  • doesn't require wordpress - much cleaner, smaller, faster loading pages
  • doesn't require a domain or hosting etc.  
  • "ready to go" templates to promote high-converting products, webinars, etc

but it is MORE - 

  • Store bonuses in your library for re-use,
  • build out bonus blocks,
  • monitor affiliate conversion statistics,
  • automated delivery page creation
  • option to supplement your own bonus library with Done For You Bonuses

OP and CG are completely different animals!

In Commission Gorilla you build "bonus blocks", saving them in your library.  Thus you build up this huge categorized library, so whenever you want to promote something in ANY niche you can instantly swap your bonuses on the fly  and build a page in 20 minutes! 

There's nothing like that out there. And it will only keep getting better! 
You're set for life with an awesome tool and more to come.

For a Quick Start Guide to how to use Commission Gorilla please see these articles:

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