PageDyno Conversion Accelerator

Check out the PageDyno Conversion Accelerator here

NOTE: You must own already PageDyno to use the Conversion Accelerator Tool Kit - This is an expansion kit, not standalone software.

Important: On successful payment you'll receive an activation code via email to activate the Conversion Accelerator Tool Kit in your PageDyno account. Click ACCOUNT then on the right hand side, scroll until you see the field to enter the activation code

This ADD-ON to PageDyno gives you the following features

Dyno-Timer - Date scheduled or evergreen timers with multiple end time actions such as redirect to other pages, hide the timer or automatic restart (for evergreen countdowns)

Dyno-Bar - Progress bars to run limited offers, max download style campaigns and much more. Once the limit is reached you can automatically reset and restart, redirect to another page or hide the bar

Dyno-Proof - a cool little social counter that shows the number of opt-ins - input your own starting number or use the free verification service to record only real opt-ins

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