DynoJack with PageDyno

The DynoJack" feature means you can put your box over someone else's webpage.  This is totally legal!

NOTE: that page must allow iframing.  To check it out, get the full URL and test it here: https://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/free-iframe-checker

On the page editor, you have a new field called DynoJack URL and this is where you store the URL if you want to DynoJack 

Then on the Page Management screen Get Code window you have a new DynoJack section

Here you choose the settings for your DynoJack.  You can choose a trigger, whether to "Lock" the box and whether to "Dim" the jacked page.


Instant: The Box appears instantly the page is loaded 

The Frequency options are:

After X Seconds: The Box appears after the specified number of seconds

On Exit Intent only: The Box appears when the viewer goes to exit - click on the cross to close it

Note:the viewer must have "interacted" with the page - eg, scrolled some

Lock and Dim

Here is a quick guide to how "Lock" and "Dim" work on snippets and iframes :


  • If the Dim toggle is ON then the page blacks out and only the overlay shows.
  • If it's off then the overlay sits over the page
  • If a page is NOT locked (toggle off) then every single "step"  (there are 3 possible steps in the sequence :  First Optional Button Step,  Lead Capture Step and Thank You Page Step)  will have an X in the top right which will close the popup.  Also, clicking anywhere outside of the popup (regardless of whether "Dim" is on or not) will also close the popup.
  • If a page IS locked (toggle on) then Steps 1 and 2 will NOT have an x to close them AND clicking outside the box will not close it.  There are only two ways to close the box in this scenario :
    • If on the optional step 1:one of the actions is set to "Close Form" - This will always close the form/box.
    • If the logical sequence ever reaches the Thank You page (Step 3) then that page will ALWAYS have a close X in the top right corner that will close it.

DynoJack URL

Once you have completed your settings, grab the URL and use this in your promotions, etc so that folks see your popup when they visit the page you are promoting

Note: The DynoJack URL is ALWAYS going to show a "white page" on google.com because you can't iframe it (and many other sites such as youtube etc...)

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