PageDyno Dim & Lock Features

Here is a quick guide to how "Lock" and "Dim" work on snippets and iFrames :


  • If the Dim toggle is ON then the page blacks out and only the overlay shows.
  • If it's off then the overlay sits over the page
  • If a page is NOT locked (toggle off) then every single "step"  (there are 3 possible steps in the sequence :  First Optional Button Step,  Lead Capture Step and Thank You Page Step)  will have an X in the top right which will close the popup.  Also, clicking anywhere outside of the popup (regardless of whether "Dim" is on or not) will also close the popup.
  • If a page IS locked (toggle on) then Steps 1 and 2 will NOT have an x to close them AND clicking outside the box will not close it.  There are only two ways to close the box in this scenario :
    • If on the optional step 1:one of the actions is set to "Close Form" - This will always close the form/box.
    • If the logical sequence ever reaches the Thank You page (Step 3) then that page will ALWAYS have a close X in the top right corner that will close it.