What is PageDyno?

The concept behind PageDyno is to create simple, eye-catching, highly converting landing pages quickly and easily. 

With PageDyno speed is of the key!  You only have to

  1. choose your background - image or video
  2. choose your button colors and wording
  3. chose the URL where you want prospects to be directed
  4. add your "invitation text" - choosing the position and size of the box it displays in, the font and the colors (PageDyno controls the size so as to be sure that it is responsive over all devices) and the message - which can include a video
  5. link to your autoresponder service to collect the info from the opt-in form

and you're done! The page is created for you.  The stats are collected for you - when you place the tracking code where you want it tracked

All you have to do is drive traffic to the given URL and watch your list grow!

Should you find you need to make changes to your page after you have placed your link - you can do so to the page in your dashboard - and the next time anyone visits the URL they will see the new page. No more wasted Solo Ad campaigns due to errors in links, etc!

Should you want to split test features on your page - you can clone it, make the changes and check the stats to see which performs better - or purchase the Campaign Optimizer which will do the "check stats" for you!

You can create a very simple "sales page" by adding the URL to your checkout page to the button on a bridge page

There is much more to PageDyno should you wish to dig deeper. 

  • You can create Bridge Pages
  • You can add popups to your own or other people's pages.  
  • You can host the pages on our server or your own - enabling the URL to be branded with your own domain
  • With our Conversion Accelerator add-on, you can add social proof, a countdown timer and/or a progress bar to your campaign
  • With our Campaign Optimizer add-on you can split test your campaigns to see which converts the best

Check out PageDyno here: https://pagedyno.com

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