PageDyno Q&A

Q1: Will it be possible to alter the width of the 'box'? Or its position? 

A: Box width is a dicey issue.  For text it could be implemented but probably not for video or image boxes. 

Box Positioning: This will always be restricted to Left, Center, Right.  This is because otherwise you will position the box to look great against your chosen background when you are creating the page on your desktop, full screen. However, when your prospect views it on their, say, smartphone - all of a sudden the positioning no longer looks good

Q2: Can I increase the header lines to 3 or 4 so I can use "good" headlines?

A: There is no way to increase the character limit or number of lines due to the fact that the app aims to display your page perfectly on any device.  You can imagine creating a 4 line header that looks great on a desktop but is atrocious on a smartphone! It would either be too big or so small to be illegible. 

Q3: Where is the form opt-in transparent box used in the prize giveaway demo?

A: On the Step tab, click the gear wheel to change the settings for the Box

In the Settings Window you can adjust the transparency (the lower the number the "lighter" the box).

Q4: What is the recommended image size?

A: For background images, box content and after submission images, the size limit is 500KB.  This is to protect server speed and page load times.  We use the online image optimization service regularly and it works very well

Q5: What are the pixel dimensions of the landing page?

A: The landing page dimensions are whatever your browser dimensions / screen dimensions are set to. The box in the page is variable height depending on the content and the width is 600px

Q6: What is the difference between PageDyno and GeniusLander? 

A: GeniusLander makes very specific two step pages that follow our ASPA formula and nothing else .That is all they do and it works great for that one thing/method. 

PageDyno uses Video Backgrounds and has more flexibility on what you can use the page for as you can have text, images, even videos in the box on top of the background. Plus eventually with the add-ons it will become a way to sell your stuff with a mini sales page too and also have 3rd party overlays added soon too for affiliates (and us) to use for affiliate promos

Q7: Is there any way to get a subscription notification? I don't think GetResponse sends one as an API key is used. 

A: You may try to use the custom form code in the list as your AR and then get the form code from GetResponse. This will solve the issue with the subscription notification as per this article: However you need to test this to make sure it will work.

Q8: Is PageDyno going to have the option to add more form fields instead of just name and email? I'm looking for a landing page builder that will allow me to not only create a multi-step landing page but also a survey if I need to.

A: This feature is not in the road map. We would suggest using a tool that is developed to do what you need, e.g. JotForm. For a mini survey, you may want to check out Feedback Fox

Q9: Are you going to integrate with different Autoresponders; eg: Keap/Infusionsoft/BirdSend/ etc?

A: The Development Team are happy to add popular, well used autoresponders.  Please contact us to request the autoresponder you are using.  However, please be aware that we will need several requests for a specific autoresponder for it to be considered.  In the meantime you can use the "Custom Code" option to paste in the HTML code from your favorite autoresponder

Q10: Can I use videos from other video players? 

A: The videos currently supported are shown in the help popup.  The Development Team will consider adding other options. Just contact the helpdesk with your suggestion. 

Q11: How to autoplay the Youtube Videos? 

A: All browsers now will NOT autoplay video unless the page has been " interacted" with or the video is muted.

Q12: How do I delete my background image?

We actually don't have a delete button but you can remove your background image by setting your Background Image as "URL", leave the URL field blank and save your changes. Your page should no longer show a background image.

Q13: The stats showing in my dashboard don't match those from an emailing service I'm using.  Why not?

A:  The integrity and reliability of our reporting is something we take very seriously and monitor closely on a regular basis to ensure accuracy.  You can add 3rd party custom tracking code to your pages in each campaign under the "Add Custom Code(s)" field found on the first Basic Settings tab.  This would provide you with secondary reporting and would confirm our data validity.  We cannot comment on third party traffic provisioning services and the integrity of their reporting.  We would always recommend reviewing / researching them in detail first, starting small and testing and tracking to ensure they are in fact providing what they promised and what you've paid for.

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