How do I deliver my own bonuses?

To deliver your bonuses, you need to get the URL of the download/delivery page to your customer. This screenshot shows you which link this is: 

In this article:

  • PayKickStart
  • JVZoo
  • WarriorPlus
  • Zaxaa
  • Others, including ClickBank


In your PKS account, click on "Marketing".  Wait until  you see the down arrows in the "Select Vendor" field. Select the vendor then click NEXT STEP

Now choose the campaign and funnel you are promoting.  You will see a field to enter the delivery URL for your bonuses.  Paste in here the URL given in Commission Gorilla

Click Save!


  1. Log in to JVZoo
  2. Locate the product you are promoting under your Approved Products
  3. Click ADD BONUS
  4. Paste the TY Page URL in the Bonus URL field
  5. Save


  1. Log in to WarriorPlus
  2. Locate the product you are promoting - just like you did to get your affiliate link
  3. Put the TY Page URL in the Buyer Bonus URL field
  4. Click Save


For Zaxaa it is similar - you can add your bonus for automatic delivery

Others - Including ClickBank

For other networks like Clickbank... you will need to check the purchase manually before sending the bonuses.  On your bonus promotion page give clear instructions for your buyers to send you a receipt after purchase. Once you have checked it, you can email them the URL

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