Using PayKickStart as an Affiliate

Note: PKS is short for PayKickStart!

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Create Your Affiliate Account

  1. Go to and create your free affiliate account
  2. In  "My Profile" - authorize your Paypal account which will allow vendors to automatically pay you commissions. For more information on connecting your PayPal account to receive affiliate commissions,  CLICK HERE
  3. Add a profile avatar and check your contact information is correct
  4. Set your timezone
  5. Enable/Disable your affiliate notifications
  6. Add a completed W9/W8 tax form to your account.  For further information CLICK HERE

Once your account has been created, the URL to access your dashboard is:

Get Approved to Promote

There are 2 ways to get affiliate links for our products: 

  1. Using the Affiliate Request URL
  2. Using the “Affiliate Marketplace” 

1. Using the Affiliate Request URL

  1. From our affiliate info page, click on the "Get Your Affiliate Link" button
  2. This will take you to PKS where you will click on another green button!
  3. Then click on the blue button to send the request - usually you will see "Request Pending"

2. Using the Affiliate Marketplace

In your PKS account, on the left menu select "Marketplace" (1) then find PromoteLabs in the Vendor list (2).  For any product you wish to request to promote - click on the green star (3)

Already Approved?

If you request to promote a product for which you have already been approved you will be notified and given the link

Once you have requested approval, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for the request to be approved.

To check, go to Marketplace, select either PromoteLabs under Vendor or type the product name in the Search field.  

Click on the blue "link" button to get your affiliate URL to promote the product.

Affiliate Dashboard

Here you will see all the commissions you have earned along with statistics of your promotions

Commissions: lists the purchases made with your affiliate link

Affiliate Links: lists the products you are approved for and those you are waiting for approval

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