Commission Gorilla Plugin

The Commission Gorilla Plugin has been retired.  It was getting quite old and we have found that most folks prefer to manage their own pages on their own domain.

To add your Promo page as a stand alone page in WordPress:

  1. Download your promo page from Commission Gorilla - being sure to check the name is the one you want to use in the URL
  2. Upload it in it's entirety to your domain using cPanel or FTP to the public_html folder, or to a subfolder within the public_html folder
    The URL of your promo page will be
    <mydomain>/<promopage>.php if you upload to your public_html folder
    <mydomain>/<subfolder>/<promopage>.php if you are using a subfolder

To add your Promo page inside your WordPress Theme - ie with headers and sidebars, etc

  1. Download your promo page from Commission Gorilla - this time the name doesn't matter
  2. Open the .php file with a text editor and copy everything between (including) the BODY tags: that is, between <body>... </body>
  3. Create a Wordpress page or post and add an HTML element - this will depend on your theme.  You can check your theme's support docs for how to do this.
  4. Paste in the code you copied
  5. Save and Publish

Downloading your Commission Gorilla Promo Page

The Downloaded File in a Text Editor

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