Browser Exit Message

There are 2 issues with regards to Catchas not showing when a prospect leaves a page.

1 ==> Some browsers insert an exit message before showing your Catcha.  For example, Chrome displays:

This is out of our control - the prospect needs to click LEAVE to leave the page...   If he clicks STAY he will remain on the page to which you have attached your Catcha.  When he clicks "leave" he will be taken to your chosen page - some browsers never show your catcha message - sadly!

2==> If your Catcha is not showing it may be because the prospect has a popup blocker active. To view your own Catcha - be sure to turn off any popup blocker you may have activate in your browser.  With regards to your prospect - again, this is beyond our control.

Please bear in mind that the browser you are using may not display your catcha message as you would like to see it but it may look great on the browser your prospect is using to view your page.