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Conversion Gorilla

If you purchased the PRO option or WhiteLabel Option, you can set the Remove Branding Slider to OFF in the PRO tab when creating/editing your Bar.  

If you didn't purchase the PRO option, you can do so  HERE

Commission Gorilla and LandingPage Monkey

On the pages we host for you, you cannot turn off the "Powered by..." link  as we feel this feature enables you to earn commissions passively on sales from the "Powered By" links on your pages.

Be sure to put your own JVZoo ID in the field on the MY ACCOUNT page and the "Powered By" links become your own promotion! If you have not done this prior to creating pages, please re-save your pages so that the link is updated with your affiliate link.

However, the Powered by ...  won't show if you host the page on your own server.

You need to download and upload the page to your server - using WordPress integrates with the page we host so still shows the Powered By link.

SocialShare Monkey

At the moment it is not possible to turn off the "Powered by.. " link

ChitChat Chimp

The "Powered by..." link does bring in revenue that we are able to use to recoup development costs and to further improve ChitChatChimp without raising the price beyond your reach! 

However,  you can purchase the option to have the link removed for your account.  Please check out this article:  Branding Option for ChitChatChimp

LandingPage Monkey Agency License

If you have purchased an AGENCY LICENSE for LandingPage Monkey, you have 3 options:

  1. Put a ZERO (0) in the field for the JVZoo ID on your Account Page. This will remove the "Powered by.... " branding from any pages you save AFTER you have done so (any existing pages will need to be re-saved)
  2. Put your JVZoo affiliate id where requested on the Account Page so you earn commission if anyone clicks and buys LandingPage Monkey for themselves. Remember, this will probably be your clients' prospects, as opposed to your clients, so the potential is huge.
  3. Download your client's page from our server and upload it to your own - or the client's. In which case the link will not be displayed